Code : RZ200

Synchronous thermal analyzer

Product introduction: Synchronous thermal analysis combines TGA (Thermogravimetric Analysis) with DTA (Differential Thermal Analysis) or DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry), in which we can get the information of TG and DTA or DSC in synchrony using the same sample during the same operation.
Measure and research the following characteristics of the materials:
DSC: Melting and crystallization, phase change, reaction temperature and heat, heat of combustion and specific heat capacity, etc
TG?Thermal stability, decomposition, REDOX, adsorption and adsorption, free water and gesso content, ingredients proportion computation, etc Technical parameters: TGA/DSC   STA200  Synchronous thermal analyzer
1. Temperature range: Room temperature ~1150°C (Can be extended to 1350°C)
2. Temperature resolution: 0.1 °C
3. Temperature fluctuation: ±0.1°C
4. Heating rate: 1 ~ 80 °C / min
5. * Cooling rate: 1 ~ 20 °C / min   optional cooling system
6. Temperature control mode: Rising temperature, Cooling temperature, Constant temperature
7. Constant temperature time : 0~300min   Can be set arbitrarily
8. cooling time: 15min(1000°C~100°C)
9. Wide range of weighing: 1mg~2g  (Can be extended to 5g)
10. DSC measuring range: 0 ~ ±500mW
11. DSC Resolution: 1μW
12. Resolution: 0.1 ug
13. Constant temperature and time: 0 ~ 300min Can be set arbitrarily
14. Display: English characters liquid crystal display (LCD)
15. Atmosphere: Inertia, oxidability, reducibility, static and dynamic
16. Atmosphere device: Built-in gas flow meter, including switch two way gas and control flow volume  
17. Software: Intelligent software can record TG curves automatically, Processing data and print experimental statements
18. Data interface: RSS - 232 interface, special software (the software is free upgrades)
19. Work Power: AC220V  50Hz
20. Warranty: Three years, and the software is free upgrades
Code : DCP-P

Thermal Conductivity Tester (Constant Temperature)

DZDR- PL thermal conductivity meter has many advantages, such as large area of the test sample, variety test materials (single materials or composite materials), high precision temperature control, reliable and steady performance, high degree of automation control, convenient operation, etc.
Test range:
Single material: foam plastics (other flat surface insulation material, plate), polyurethane, phenol, urine aldehyde, mineral wool (glass cotton, rock wool, mineral wool), cement wall
Composite materials: glass composite CRC, cement enhanced polyphony board, sandwich concrete, fiber glass panel composite plate, paper cellular plate Technical parameters:
Biggest test pieces size
Long * width * thick: 300 * 300 * 50mm
The precision of temperature control: 0.05 °C
Resolution: 0.01 °C
The maximum hot plate set temperature: 80 °C
Minimum of cooling-plate set temperature: room temperature
Measuring precision: 3%
Coefficient of thermal conductivity measuring range: 0.010 ~ 5.000 w (k.m)
Power supply: AC 220V
Instrument characteristics:
1. The surface temperature is even and accurate. 
Using large block purple COINS as Temperature profile board in the design to improve the consistency of the surface temperature of the test sample.
2. Advanced control system.
It can control the temperature quickly and steadily.
3. Friendly human-machine interface
Both cold and hot plate temperature and heat flux power can be intuitively displayed by large screen LCD.
4. Simple operation.
Electric mobile splint and clamping force LCD can be adjusted,
Insulation door can be shut down automatically after sample installation in place
5. Intelligent data processing.
Highly automated computer data communication and report processing system,
Flat thermal conductivity meter has computer communication interface, which can display temperature curve in real time.
6. Automatically generate test report and print.
 There are test records, data processing and report format in the software, which can issue the experiment report automatically.
Code : RZ100L

Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)

Product introduction:
DSC is designed to determine the inner heat transition relating to temperature and heat flow, it is widely used in the field of polymer development, performance testing & quality control. DSC research and development includes the following field: glass transition temperature, melting point, cold crystallization, crystallization, phase transition, oxidation induction time (OIT).
Main Features:
1. New designed oven structure ensures high resolution and good stability of base line;
2. Air flow meter may control the air flow rate accurately; the test data can be recorded into the database directly;
3. The instrument is bilateral control, may be controlled by both main frame and software. User-friendly interface, easy operation. Technical Parameters:
1. DSC range: 0 ~ ±500mW
2. Temperature range: -100°C~800°C Liquid nitrogen refrigeration
3. Heating rate: 1 ~ 80 °C / min
4. Temperature resolution: 0.1 °C
5. Temperature fluctuations: ±0.1°C
6. Temperature repeatability: ±0.1°C
7. DSC noise: 0.01μW
8. DSC resolution: 0.01μW
9. DSC accuracy: 0.1 u W
10. DSC sensitivity: 0.1 u W
11. Control Mode: Rising temperature, constant temperature, cooling temperature (full automatic programmed control)
12. Curve scanning: Rising scan, *cooling scan
13. Atmosphere control: Embedded digital flow meter & Software control
14. Display:24 bit color  7 inches  LCD touch screen display
15. Data interface: standard USB connector
16. Parameter standard: equipped with standard material, with a key calilbration function, the user may correct temperature and heat enthalpy
17. The warranty: Five years
18. Note: * for selecting projects, all technical indicators can be adjusted according to customers' demand
Code : DCT3500

Carbon Black Content Tester

1. This instrument applies to polyethylene, polypropylene and polyisobutylene plastics in the determination of the content of carbon.
2. The test result is obtained through the specimen under the nitrogen protection, after analyzing the weight of high temperature decomposition.
3. This apparatus has many advantages such as being easy to use, simple operation, reliable working, accurate measurement, automatic temperature control and so on. 
Testing standard:
GB 13021-1991
GB/T 2951.41-2008 Equipment:
1?Test temperature: room temperature ~1000°C
2?Temperature adjustment: full-program control    (Setting freely)
3?Display: Characters LCD Display
4?Heating tube inner diameter: ?31×(400±50)mm
Overheating protection
External temperature probe
Flow meter and regulator
Silicone connecting pipe
Burning boat

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