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Durbel and reliable large capacity Topscien Pipette Controller
The basic function of Topscien will ever ideas and advanced design and technology moving fluid togethe, make its have high quality appearance,for both the security of moving fluid,comfort and efficiency . The economicl pipette controller which limits overaspiration . You only need one larger volume pipette Controller for the entire range of bulb and graduated pipettes made of glass and plastic from 0.1 to 100 ml . Penetration by liquids is effec-tively reduced by the hydrophobic membrane filter . A replacement filter is provided as standard . The entire macro can be auto - claved at 121? . Performance and feature Unnecessary maintenance Chemical resistance Human engineering design Lightweight and Structure strong Lightweight and dexterous for operation Awide range volume for liquid controlling   Pipette Controller Cat.No. Code.No. Volume Colour 801107 TL01B 0.1ml-100ml Blue parts   +  Gray ball 801108 TL01Y 0.1ml-100ml Yellow parts   +  Gray ball 801109 TL01R 0.1ml-100ml Red parts   +  Gray ball 801110 TL01G 0.1ml-100ml Green parts   +  Gray ball 801111 TL01C 0.1ml-100ml Gray parts   +  Gray ball 801112 TL02B 0.1ml-100ml Blue parts   +  Black cylinder 801113 TL02Y 0.1ml-100ml Yellow parts   +  Black cylinder 801114 TL02R 0.1ml-100ml Red parts   + Black cylinder 801115 TL02G 0.1ml-100ml Green parts   +  Black cylinder 801116 TL02C 0.1ml-100ml Gray parts   +  Black cylinder 801117 TL03B 0.1ml-100ml Blue parts   +  Gray cylinder 801118 TL03Y 0.1ml-100ml Yellow parts   + Gray cylinder 801119 TL03R 0.1ml-100ml Red parts   +  Gray cylinder 801120 TL03G 0.1ml-100ml Green parts   +  Gray cylinder 801121 TL03C 0.1ml-100ml Gray parts   +  Gray cylinder                  
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Electronics Pipette Controllers

SPECIFICATIONS: For glass and plastic piprttes from 0.1 to 200ml Pipetting speed: 50ml in less than 1Oseconds Operating abd charging temperature +10? to +35? Continuours. pipetti n g (with a 10ml pipette) Without recharging Battery pack Lithium battery2.4v/700maH Approx. twelve hours of Weight190 g   Opearting: COMFORTABLE: Ergonomic handgrip, weight only 190g, perfectly balanced design - for fatigue-free pipetting even in prolonged operations.
  SINGLE-HANDED OPERATION: With pipette controller,you have continuously variable speed control using just two buttons. In addition, you can select your prefer-red maximum motor speed to improve sensitivity and control with low-volume pipettes.  POWERFUL AND QUIET: At maximum motor speed, a 50 ml pipette is filled in less than 10 se-conds. Now that's fast! Motor and pump operate quietly and with very low vibration. The longer you use it, the more you will appreciate it.  ADVANCEDCHARGING: The intelligent battery charger prevents overcharging of the NiMH battery. It effectively reduces the lazy-batteryeffect (shortened operating time due to premature recharging). No need to worry about having enough battery power left to finish your series. A flashing LED light will alert you approx. two hours in advance.  TIDY STORAGE: Keep your instrument within reach by placing it inverted on your lab bench. Or store it in the wall support, saving space. 
FOUR COLORS: Select from four colors to individualize your pipette controller. 
  Order information Cat.No. Code.No. Colour 8011160 TEL01 Dark bule 8011161 TEL02 Magenta 8011162 TEL03 Dark Green 8011163 TEL04 Gray          
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