Code : CC3109

Automatic closed flash point tester

Description Advanced technology, simple operation, high scientific and technological content, it is the ideal imported product, which is ranking the country's leading level. Main technical characteristics 1. It adopts colored LCD, man-machine conversation interface, and blank buttons. It has prompts menu and guide to choose method A or B, preset temperature, sample serial number, barometric pressure, test data and other parameters. 2. It can simulate and show temperature-time curve. It has prompts for wrong operation and prompts to modify test data, test time, and other parameters. 3. It can save test data of 100 groups. It is equipped with RS-323, and 485 computer ports, so it can save more test data when it is connected to a computer. Then you can also modify some parameters. 4. It can calibrate the effect of barometric pressure to the test and calculate the modified value. 5. Differential detection. It can modify system deviation automatically. 6. It can open lid, apply flame, make detection, and print test data automatically. The test arm can be raised up and lowered down automatically. 7. It uses an electron igniter for flame ignition. It has forcible wind cooling function. Specification Technical parameters: Model CC3109 Measuring range Room temperature~300? Resolution 0.1? Repeatability ≤2? Reproducibility ≤±4? Measured ignition Automatic Lift way Automatic tilt Display mode Color screen Detection mode Automatic Data output Print Ignition mode Electricity, gas Experimental cup number Single cup Operating environment 10-50? Relative humidity 85% Power supply voltage AC220V Power frequency 50Hz±5% Power rate ≤300W
Code : KV1265-3

Automatic Capillary Viscometer Washer

The instrument is designed and made specially for washing the capillary viscometers, which are used for testing petroleum products. It can be used to wash glass capillary viscometer of various types, such as Pinkevitch viscometer, Ubbelohde viscometer, Cannon-Fenske routine viscometer, Cannon-Fenske opaque viscometer. It can clean as many as three viscometer tubes at a time. It is high-efficient and time saving especially for the capillary viscometers, which are used for testing heavy oil with high viscosity.  
?It adopts micro-controller control technology, program control, automatic washing. It needs less solvent oil and it is convenient, efficient. It can be widely used in the enterprises producing and using petroleum products, colleges and universities, and scientific research institutes and so on, where capillary viscometer are used.

Main technical specifications
1. Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz
2. Maximum power consumption: 700 W
3. Water bath temperature controlling range: Room temperature?80 ?
4. Ambient temperature: Room temperature~35?
5. Relative humidity: ≤85?
6. Dimension of washer: 320mm×300mm×500mm ( excluding the aspirator )
7. Net weight of washer: 10Kg (excluding the aspirator)
Code : KV1265H-1

Automatic Kinematic Viscometer

Description It is suitable to determine Kinematic viscosity, viscosity number, and limiting viscosity number of oils and polymer in dilute solution. It has been widely used in the field of pharmaceutics, petroleum, chemistry, scientific research, and metrology.
Main technical features 1. This instrument adopts micro-computer as the central control component. It achieves prompt type operation.
2. This instrument can intelligently control the whole procedure of the test. It achieves the full automation of keeping temperature constant, time detection, viscosity calculation, viscometer tube cleaning and drying, and automatically print out test result.
3. This instrument has ability of fault identification and processing. It is convenient for user to analyze and judge the condition of instrument.
Main technical specifications 1. Viscometer tube: Ubbelohde viscometer (Dilution type);
2. Temperature controlling range: Room temperature?100 ?
3. Temperature controlling accuracy: ±0.1?
4. Timing accuracy: ±0.1 s
5. Maximum timing time: 999.9 s
6. Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz
7. Maximum power consumption: 2000 W
8. Ambient temperature: 0??40?
9. Relative humidity: 20?90% at 40 ?
10. Barometric pressure: 96 kPa?103 kPa
11. Dimension: 800mm×530mm×610mm(circulating bath and vacuum suction apparatus are not included )
Note: The instrument is equipped with four pieces of Ubbelohde viscometer tubes in standard packing list. The inner diameters for each is 0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm and 1.5mm. If the user need other kinds of viscometer, pls inform us for customizing.

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