Code : LM-P-D

Professional Lux Meter

1: C/F Temperature selectable. 2: Measures air velocity in m/sec.ft/ or mph. 3: Measures volume in CMM/CFM. 4: 55mm hi-contrast LCD display with backlight and function indicators. 6: Dual display for velocity and temperature. 7: 12 segment bargraph for velocity. 8: Average multiple readings for velocity or flow volume for the last 30 readings. 9: Auto power off. 10:low battery indication   Measuring range 0 Lux?400k Lux?0Fc? 40k Fc Spectral response CIE photopic (CIE human eye  response curve) Over range indication LCD displays "-OL-" or "-LO-" Spectral accuracy CIE Vλ function(f1’?6%,f2’?2%) Accuracy ±3% rdg±0.5%f.s.(<10,000Lux);   ±4% rdg±10dgts.(>10,000Lux)    
Code : LM-M-200

Mini Lux Meter

1: Measuring range: 0Lux~200Klux/0Fc~20KFc (Measurement repeatability). 2: Automatically revise parameters for nonstandard illumination. 3: Selectable measurement units LUX/FC. 4: MAX/MIN record. 5: Large LCD display. 6:Backlight LCD display, facilitating the operation in the dark places. 7: Automatic measurement. 8: Low battery indication. 9: Meter automatically shuts down after approx. 15 minutes of inactivity.   LM-M-200 Measuring range:             0 Lux?200K Lux, 0Fc?20KFc Spectral response:           CIE photopic?CIE human eye  Over range indication:       LCD displays "-OL-" or "-LO-" Spectral accuracy:            CIE Vλfunction(f1’?6%, f2’? 2%) Accuracy:                         ±3%rdg±0.5%f.s.(<10,000Lux)±4% rdg±10dgts.(>10,000Lux)            
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