Code : FL2200


1. HPLC FL2200 UV detector Wavelength range : 190 ~ 700nm Wavelength precision : ± 1nm Wavelength repeatability : 0.1nm Dynamic baseline noise :  ≤1*10^-5AU (wavelength 254nm, flow velocity 1ml/min, pure methanol) Dynamic baseline drift : ≤2*10^-4AU (wavelength 254nm, flow velocity 1ml/min, pure methanol) Detection limit :  ≤4*10^-9g/ml (wavelength 254nm, flow velocity 1ml/min, pure methanol, sample: naphthalene) Spectrum bandwidth : 8nm Flow cell volume : 8μl Optical distance : 10mm 2.  HPLC FL2200 Pump Tandem - style double - plunger reciprocating pump Flow range : 0.001~9.999ml/min Increment/step : 0.001ml Flow precision : ≤0.1%RSD Max work pressure : 42MPa (420bar) Pressure fluctuation : under pressure range, when 1mL/min, <10mV Compressible compensation : According to mobile phase auto adjustment or user choice Material : SS for non-corrosive pump head Online washing for plunger to prevent abrasion of plunger and seal due to buffer salt dissolve-out, improving life expectancy and stability Discard big buffer and reduce dead volume via using innovative pressure feedback and capillary technology Floating plunger system to correct mechanical processing deviation 3.  HPLC FL2200 Column oven Temperature:  Room temp.  +5°C - 100°C Constant  Temp. Tolerance:  ± 0.1°C Temperature Repeatability :  ± 0.1°C Absolute Precision : ±0.1°C at 50°C Resolution : 0.1°C Double-roe LED Screen to indicate setting temp. and actual temp. Big room can install 2 LC Column 4. Basic info Dimension : 450*400*Xmm(L*W*H) Net weight : 30kg (Isocratic), 50kg(Binary gradient) Power : 350W (Isocratic), 450W(Binary gradient) Voltage : AC220V±22V, 50Hz±0.5Hz          

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